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Our payment terms are cash, eft-pos or credit card on the day, unless otherwise agreed before our service is provided.

If delayed payment is agreed by the doctor, then payment is to be received within 14 days.

 If you want to set up an automatic payment our details are at the bottom of your invoice, please use your name as a reference. Otherwise please discuss this with one of our receptionists who can provide you with the necessary information.

Due to additional charges we do not accept American Express.

 Any account not paid within our normal terms will be handed to International Credit Services (CHCH) Ltd. All cost associated with the collection will be added to the account.

There may be additional charges for:

• accounts not paid on the day of consultation an additional $3 is added onto the outstanding amount

• longer consultations or additional services provided

• patients who are not enrolled with this practice (casual patients)

• patients who are enrolled but not yet funded

• nursing services