• Appointments are usually 10-15 minutes.


  •  If your doctor is fully booked you will be offered another day or an appointment with one of the other doctors. If there are no appointments available you may ask to speak to a nurse for advice if you wish to do so.


  •  If you are concerned about your condition please notify a receptionist and ask to speak to a nurse.


  • Late arrival- if you arrive late to your appointment you may be asked to re schedule your appointment.


  • Missed appointment- please phone and advise us if you are not able to attend your appointment.  You may be charged for your appointment if no notice is given.


  • Double appointments are available in some situations. If you think you require a double appointment please notify a receptionist, a nurse will phone you to arrange.


  • Home visits are done at your doctor’s discretion. Please phone as early in the day as possible to request.


  • Nurse appointments are usually 15-30 minutes.