• If you require medical services outside our usual business hours and you phone us you will be transferred to our out of hours answering service.
  • If you need medical treatment we suggest going to the Pegasus Afterhours 24hour Surgery, which will be located at 401 Madras Street from 12.01 am on the 10th of May 2017. For more information phone 365 7777 or visit: http://www.24hoursurgery.co.nz/

24hr surg

  • For general phone advice we suggest Healthline phone 0800611 116



The Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) is a nationwide organisation it has excellent up to date information based on New Zealand and overseas research, answers a lot of questions surrounding immunisation and current outbreaks. 

For current information about immunisations, vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases visit: http://www.immune.org.nz/Vacinnation

Shared Care Record View (eSCRV)

eSCRV is a secure computer record that stores health information such as GP records, prescribed medications, allergies and test results. Authorised healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists can access your information stored in the eSCRV by using their confidential password.


For more information phone 0508837 872 or visit http://www.healthinfo.org.nz/ (search term: escrv)




Within Canterbury district there are two laboratory providers, hospital based Canterbury Health Laboratory and community based Southern Community Laboratory. If you have been given a blood test form you can have your blood test done at a variety of blood test collection centres throughout Christchurch.

We no longer offer routine blood taking services at Parklands Medical Centre, we do offer a service for urgent blood tests at the request of a doctor.

For more information visit the link: http://www.bloodtest.co.nz/collection-centres



Blood tests on children

For information and tips regarding blood tests for children and dedicated clinics visit:



Ear Hygiene

  • Ear Hygiene Clinic phone: 384 4668




Heathinfo is a website specifically designed to provide up to date information about health conditions, diagnosis, fact sheets and other interesting information. Your doctor or nurse may give you a card like the one pictured below with a name of a health topic for you to look up at a time that suits you.

Healthinfo is approved and created by local doctors, nurses, hospital clinicians and other healthcare professionals and is specific to Canterbury.

health info banner



Three pharmacies located near our medical centre, we can fax your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Please check with your pharmacy as fees often apply.

  • Burwood Pharmacy
  • Parklands Pharmacy
  • QEII Pharmacy





  •  Travis Medical Centre Ph: 03 388 9686


Travel Vaccinations

We do not specialise in travel vaccinations at Parklands Medical Centre but do recommend Moorhouse Medical Centre Travel Clinic. http://www.moorhousemedical.co.nz/Travellers-Health/